Courtroom Testimony for the Fingerprint Expert

Courtroom Testimony for the Fingerprint Expert
Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-933373-03-4
Published 2007

by Gary W. Jones

Courtroom Testimony for the Fingerprint Expert was written by retired FBI Supervisory Fingerprint Specialist Gary W. Jones. This 114 page 5 ½" by 8 ½" book is a valuable text in preparing you to testify as an expert witness in court. You will refer to this text over and over to become more effective as an expert witness.

Contents Include

    CHAPTER 1 — Preparation

      Anticipating Questions
      The Pre-Trial Conference Qualifying Questions
      Direct Testimony
      The Deposition

    CHAPTER 2 — Dress and Appearance

      Male Expert
      Female Expert
      Distractions in Personal Appearance

    CHAPTER 3 — Courtroom Demeanor

      The Witness Room
      The Courtroom
      Prior to Testifying
      Prior to Entering the Courtroom
      Taking the Oath
      Presenting Testimony
      Demonstrating Charted Enlargements
      The Five Basic Rules of Testimony

    CHAPTER 4 — Defense Tactics

      Tactics and Questioning

    CHAPTER 5 — Fingerprints — A True Science?

    CHAPTER 6 — The Fingerprint Expert's Credentials

      Resume and Curriculum Vitae

    CHAPTER 7 — Cross-Examination

      Age of a latent
      Number of Fingerprint Characteristics Needed to Effect an Identification
      IAI Certification
      Court Exhibits
      What is an Expert
      Mistakes of Infallibility
      Negative Testimony
      Processing for Latent Prints
      Lines of Questioning

    CHAPTER 8 — Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, Juries, Judges and Reporters

      Defense Attorneys
      Private Fingerprint Consultants

    CHAPTER 9 — Mock Trials

      The Courtroom
      The Trainee/Expert Witness
      The Prosecutor
      The Judge
      The Jury
      The Defense Attorney
      Critiques and Evaluations

    A Personal Note

    Glossary of Fingerprint Terms


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About the Author

Gary Jones began his career in fingerprint work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1964. At the time of his retirement in 1997 he was a Supervisory Fingerprint Specialist in the Latent Fingerprint Section. During his retirement he operated a private fingerprint consulting business, "Gary W. Jones Fingerprint Services," in Summerfield, Florida.

On numerous occasions Mr. Jones presented fingerprint testimony in federal, state and local courts throughout the United States and was accepted as an expert in each instance. He instructed federal, state and local law enforcement personnel throughout the United States in all aspects of fingerprint science, including the presentation of expert courtroom testimony.

Gary Jones wrote articles relating to fingerprint science and was published in the International Association for Identification's (IAI) publication The Journal of Forensic Identification. He was also the co-author of the FBI's Latent Fingerprint Training Manual. Mr. Jones was a member of the IAI, the Florida Division of the IAI, and served on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Division of the IAI.

A Comment From the Author

The criminal trial is the final phase in an often long road of hard work by many individuals. What a waste when after all the hours of investigation, laboratory examinations, surveillance, dangerous undercover work, gathering witnesses, pre-trial conferences, legal research, etc., it all ends in disaster because an expert failed on the witness stand. When presenting testimony, it is not enough to tell the truth; the expert must also make the truth appear to be the truth. Effective courtroom testimony involves knowledge, experience, training, preparation, demeanor, and appearance. This book will attempt to address some methods and techniques that will aid the fingerprint expert in presenting the most convincing testimony possible.

Suggested Retail Price: $29.95
Order This Book Now!
Download a PDF copy of this book for ONLY $19.95
Download an eBook version of this book for ONLY $19.95